A VOLA collobaration with Melbourne
based interior designer, Sue Carr.

"My early scientific background has given me a strong interest in structure and form, and in the way detail is expressed. How the parts fit together is important to me. And so, defined by a shared appreciation of functionality, proportion and refined detailing, my association with VOLA has remained constant for over four decades."

My VOLA collaboration
Sue Carr, Carr


A thinker, innovator, designer and teacher, Sue Carr is synonymous with the evolution of interior design in Melbourne.

"Originality, authenticity and individuality – core values that not only define VOLA but are also at the heart of the principles that underpin Carr, VOLA tapware and accessories form an integral part of all my design projects and have done so for as long as I can remember including my own home – the Courtyard House. VOLA tapware represents a design classic: an icon. It's simplicity in form and function, its simple lines and its durability are testament to the enduring value of good design."

VOLA Products
Kitchen: KV1 in Polished Chrome
Master En-suite: 590G and 2122C in Polished Chrome