A VOLA collaboration with the late, Singapore
and Perth based architect, Kerry Hill.

"Simplicity, precision and material honesty are the timeless qualities we strive for in our work. VOLA’s tapware is born of the same ethos and we have found it to be a perfect fit for Amanyangyun’s interiors."

My VOLA collaboration
Kerry Hill (1943-2018)

"Amanyangyun is a contemporary walled village that is set within a forest of mature camphor trees and incorporates twenty six antique houses from the Ming and Qing dynasty. Both the houses and the trees have been given new life here after being transported from Jianxi province where they were threatened by the construction of a dam. In our work we aim to create modern architecture that is appropriate to its physical and cultural setting and that has a ‘sense of belonging’. This is achieved in the composed tension between the old and the new and in the common experiential qualities that weave both of these dynamics into an integrated whole."

"The new suite is representative of KHA’s overall design approach. The sloping roofs and private courtyards recall Chinese precedents within a contemporary architectural language. The decorative light fittings, furniture, rugs and ceramics are all designed by KHA. These elements exhibit the same simplicity as the room itself and like the room they have a subtle sense of belonging within this place."

VOLA Products
Bathrooms: A34, A62, 121X, 121X/260, 121X/300, SC10, 060A, 171-T34, 2401, A23, FS1, 321 and HV1 in Brushed Copper (from the Exclusive Colour Series)