A VOLA collobaration with Los Angeles
based architects, Marmol Radziner.

"We use VOLA products because they are truly the best. VOLA’s designs are beautifully proportioned, well-crafted and effortless to use."

My VOLA collaboration
Ron Radziner, Marmol Radziner

"Interior design is an intimate reflection of the way we live. What we choose to surround ourselves with can make an already responsive architectural space even more interactive and in tune with our sensory needs.

For an art collector’s house in Beverly Hills, we wanted the master bath suite to be a beautiful, well-appointed retreat. The T39 – sculptural in quality and the ultimate in luxury – was the obvious finishing touch."

VOLA Products
Kitchen: KV1-500T1 and T36 in Polished Chrome
Master Bathroom: T39, SC10 and 590 in Polished Chrome
Cloakroom: 590 in Polished Chrome