VOLA collaboration with Shanghai
based architects, Neri&Hu.

"VOLA has historically been a brand loved by many architects but we are especially in love with VOLA because of its simplicity and Arne Jacobsen’s timeless design. The clean lines and modern aesthetic combined with a very quiet presence make VOLA a perfect fit for many of our projects."

My VOLA collaboration

Having received many awards and accolades, The Garage hybrid project features an office, a lounge and a car workshop, all sited within a former missile factory.

Neri&Hu have injected a sense of warmth and zeal into this remarkable industrial conversion by featuring bespoke furniture and lighting pieces, favouring walnut and brushed bronze materials to contrast against the industrial black. It’s a homage to the charm and glamour that was once synonymous with cars.

Neri&Hu specified the classic HV1 tap for the downstairs bathroom - "we thought the modern aesthetic of the HV1 complemented the clear industrial style - the two blend so seamlessly in this personal space."

Neri states:
"We’re interested in being subversive and always questioning things. We deal with the notion of blurring the public and the private, the old and new. We’re constantly challenging the refined and the rough."

VOLA Products
Bathroom: HV1 in Chrome