A VOLA collaboration with Tokyo
based architects, Super Potato.

“VOLA provide us with products that combine simplicity with high functionality; fitting the senses, minds and feelings of Japanese people. We have used VOLA products for over 30 years, they set the standard we can always count on.“

My VOLA collaboration
Founder of Super Potato
Takashi Sugimoto

“The main principle of Super Potato is to be at the forefront of design. We emphasize Japanese tradition and geographical features as a method to express our thoughts whilst maintaining our originality.

For this bathroom we wanted to provide the relaxing atmosphere of a contemporary Japanese hot spring. Hinoki has been around as a material for bathtubs for hundreds of years in Japan and it has a relaxing aromatherapy effect. In addition, stone walls create an open environment similar to a natural outdoor bath. We selected VOLA products to suit this natural setting.”

VOLA products
Bathroom: FS1, BK8 and KV10 in Chrome